Lending terms

Loan term.

The terms of using the credit are set at the request of the client from 1 to 365 days. The client can extend the term of using the loan and choose the date of redemption of the collateral on his own by paying interest for the use.
The collateral is guaranteed to be kept in the pawnshop for 10 days after the end of the contract.

Payment for services.

Payment for services by a pawnshop is calculated based on the actual period of use of the loan in days. In case of early redemption, the client pays only for the days used.

Repayment and partial repayment of the loan.

The network of pawnshops "Platinum and Company" from the very beginning of its existence focused on long-term relationships with clients and the preservation of collateral, which has value for the borrower.
Therefore, in a situation where the client cannot buy back the collateral property that is valuable for him in time, our company meets halfway and offers several ways out of the situation:

Minimum annual rate from 0.1% per day or 365 * 0.1 = 36.5 per annum, there are no other commissions

A typical example of the total cost of a loanif you take 1000 hryvnias for a year, you must return in accordance with the schedule 1000 * 0.1% * 365 = 365 hryvnia percent for a year of use.

Reload:The essence of this service is that at the end of the loan term, you can pay only the interest for the use and continue the contract without buying out the pledged property. The number of re-mortgages is not limited.

Partial loan repayment:We offer a partial loan repayment service. Let's say you borrowed a certain amount, after the expiration of the contract, you paid interest and decided to conclude a re-mortgage. In this case, you can repay some part of the loan and in the future pay interest only for the rest of the amount. Thus, with partial repayment and re-pledging, the loan amount will decrease and, accordingly, loan payments will decrease.

Выкуп с другого ломбарда под наши проценты:Many pawnshops in their services greatly inflate their interest rates and hide other payments. With our service, we will help you to feel the difference in the interest rates of our company and competitors' companies. You will not need to invest your own funds for this process. Our employee will go with you, if necessary with a security guard and buy your property. After - We will transfer it to Our pawnshop at Our interest. We will be very glad to work with you.

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